I've seen 2 lots of BAT just disappear in the last 4 months,

I signed up for the Brave Rewards so I occassionally got a lot of ads sent my way while browsing, I don’t mind clicking on them and generating a view here and there, collecting BAT seems fine to me.

But for 4 months now I’ve seen 2 lots of BAT just disappear from my account, no notification of where they’ve gone, no explanation of what has happened. There was a time when I had "Auto Contribute put on but that was stopped before this started happening.

I am a creator online and I was considering signing up for the Brave Creators at the end of March, but this is just getting to be a useless cycle of getting a certain amount of BAT and then it just disappearing.

I’m kinda becoming disillusioned with the whole thing, because if I find out that this has somehow gone back into Brave AGAIN -this time without my authorisation- I’m not just done with the program, I’m done with the browser as well as it would then be a Ponzi scheme.

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