I've received an extra, "hefty" reward today

For once, I’m not complaining.

Today I saw the usual ‘claim reward’ message. At first, I thought the July rewards came in a bit early, but it seems it was an entirely different kind of reward: a one time, hefty sum of 9.500 BATs!

My july reward is still due to arrive in 2 days, so I don’t know why I got that extra.

Did anybody else have this nice experience today? Did I won a lottery I wasn’t aware of? :smiley:


Crongatulation… :grinning: here for me i didnt get last month reward :sweat_smile: but still using and waiting for lottery like you

I think I got mine a couple of days earlier last month also, and noticed this morning just received july rewards also. I think somehow any bits of payments that you did not get in prior months, or any discrepancies, get tallied up, and that is why some months you get more than expected. Not sure on, but I think I read something similar on here that they work to make sure you get what you are due eventually.


Yea. I am kinda confused aswell.

My PC was disconnected from uphold a week ago. Android still is verified.

both devices had around 7.5 BAT “scheduled to arrive”
I just received 27BAT to my uphold.

And my PC Browser literally is unverified. I still think rewards went to uphold.

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I’m using Gemini. My wife’s computer also received an extra reward which is higher that the expected sum due to arrive in 2 days. I don’t know if Brave is going to cancel the incoming rewards on the premise that we’ve already received some BATs today.

Ehm, that is not how that works.
The “arrives in x days” is merely an indicator. It is not exact. It is something like “you can expect it to arrive in x days” rather than anything else. Sometimes you get it earlier, sometimes later.
The notification in the browser wont disappear until the day it says though. So dont get confused.

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I get it, but the amount of BAT received is larger than it was due (around 1.5 BAT more) and it was a nicely rounded figure. First time it happens to me. The same happened on my wife’s PC, so I don’t think it’s a matter of rewards arriving earlier.

Me too! Were you missing rewards from a previous month though? I suspect that why I got it as I missed May rewards

ohh come on why i’m not getting any lottery or luck like this :smiling_face_with_tear:
some are gettin 27 BAT and all, i’m hardly getting 3 or 3.5 after spending considerable amount of time. Even from that some BAT recoil to next month.

Well, I had around 15BAT according to rewards panels. But 27 arrived. The month before I got 31Bat from estimated 16 or so.
I pretty much always got more then was estimated.

That may be rolled on BATs from previous month’s.

seems like i am the most unlucky, i also got 15BAT claim button but when i clicked on claim, my wifi just f…ed up and now its not showing claim now again :frowning: , this was not my july reward because its showing it’ll come in 1day

I used to get 10 or above each month easily, but now nowhere near that amount, even using 2 devices, yet I still use brave. Ignore the bat, and focus on the browser, it blocks ads and trackers from the get go and is minimal and sleek looking.

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I like brave as it blocks ads and trackers I have switched to brave in almost all of my devices

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For the time being I am trying Opera GX for a bit. Since I don’t feel forced to hit up all the ads possible in brave. Both are great browsers. But now is a good moment to change the curtains for a bit.

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For me rollover bat was 15 BATs but received only 13 BATs. 2 BATS are lost.

I like brave because it scams its users

But actually it also blocks ads and tracker

i would suspect the high payouts have to do with recently dropped regions. I’d think that would up the rewards for people still in supported regions for the time being. Just a guess.

no worries, totally understandable.