I've not recieved my BAT tokens from January 2021

I’ve been using Brave since the end of December, 2020. I was hoping I made some tokens but, even though it is January 5th., 2021 (which is supposed to be the payment day), Iv’e not recieved a thing…

My wallet is verified as a result of a previously existing Uphold account [I made it almost a year before downloading Brave] and I’ve set everything correctly. Furthermore, I haven’t got a single ad today, despite the fact that I set to to show five per hour (!) [Would it be outrageous to asume it should be five per DAY or WEEK, since I’m not getting any ads?].

Why on Earth am I not receiving my tokens?


The monthly payout thread:

The monthly thread begins by offering guidelines for PAYOUT issues–and it is really the only reliable and consistent form of communicating reward concerns as it aggregates which in turn is huge plus to efficiency resolution.

I say this NOT as a “neener neener pumpkin eater-mocking fellow,” but rather as a payout issue multi-poster.



im having the same problem, you arent the only one

I’ve just got the notification from Uphold: I received them.

I’m sorry I came across as a tw*t, but I couldn’t find anything that cleared things up [obviously, my research was absolutely poor]. And Brave clearly were dealing with the “delivery” of the tokens.

I’d like to offer my most sincere apologies.

I have been experiencing same issues for a while now, my add sometimes doesn’t count and my estimated reward keeps reducing.

My estimated reward was due for January 5th up till this very moment I have got nothing and this issue actually began during my December payment.

Same thing here. I didn’t receive my BAT.

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