I've not been seeing ads for almost 2 months now

My rewards are decreasing since September. I’m still not receiving any ads. Its saying I’ve been seeing ads ,but none are showing for one an 2 they have been decreased in amount. Plus I just signed in to my laptop today December 6th 2021 in which I use brave browser on it. I was on my laptop for little over an hour and I received 5 ads but I don’t see a one on my cell phone. Whattheheck is going on. October’s rewards were .025 an November’s rewards were .0115 something.

Go in the settings on right side top and go and see the ads preference, you can set then on hourly bases also in your main settings you have to ON your Ads as you do that you get max 5 ads in an hourly bases and stop ad blockers

If your desktop is installed with Microsoft Windows operating system, ensure that “Focus Assist” is off.

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Everything is set up the way you mentioned…I just stopped receiving ads. I know how to set it up …I’ve been receiving rewards for almost 2 or 3 yrs an all of the sudden I stopped receiving them in October and November was even worse. Its working perfectly fine on my laptop,but all of a sudden it has pretty much come to a complete stop. It’s a problem on braves end.

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