I've installed windows on a new Harddrive and Still have the old Brave, How can I copy settings.. Not as easy as it seems

Ok. I just installed windows on a brand new harddrive. I have the old one and it’s still plugged in, didn’t wipe it or anything. I want to copy all the settings from that to the new hard drive, I have tried copying the information from Users Appdata ect. I would do the sync option, but for whatever reason when I launch Brave from the OLD hard drive, It launches with the settings of the NEW fresh install. if you need more information please let me know

Mainly I’m only interested in keeping my Booksmarks and Extentions the way they were… but my main issue is that the old install file or whatever doesnt seem to have saved its settings for some reason?

Ok so, update… I launched windows from the OLD harddrive and Brave loads up the bookmarks and everything that I had before, I did the Sync thing to my NEW harddrive, and it’s not copying anything over or doing anything new?

At this time, Sync only covers bookmark Sync.
Is the Brave installed on you old HDD the same version that you have installed on your new HDD? If so, you can simply copy the User Data folder from the old HDD and replace the User Data folder in the new one and you should be good to go.

If the Brave on your old HDD is Brave Muon – you can import all your settings by following instructions we have here:

Let me know if this answers your questions or if you require any further assistance.

Ok sounds good thanks!

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