I've earned 917 BAT and recieved 10.35BAT

The last moth I’ve in my publisher account 375 BAT and I recivied all that. This month I’ve 917 BAT and I’ve recivied a payment from Brave 10BAT…


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It is possible the rest will arrive later as the payment are made in batches. Kindly wait a little longer.


i find in general, let Ads IN, one might receive more BAT from ‘grant’ ( presumably giving out by uphold) than any other ‘out-there’ reader-ship… am I right ? love to know who else might differ from my observation, so far, as of June 2019…

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OK, the problem has been solved, I’ve recivied the most part of the BAT and the rest will be pay me the next month.
For other users: sometimes Brave pays in parts, in my case the same day sent me 10BATS and 750 BAT a few hours later.


Hi , still sending payment??

What can be done to pay this month and not leave us for the other?

We told you dude, just had to take a breath … (Y)

It looked a bit strange recivied a 10BAT payment…I don’t understand why they made the payments like that…
But finally It’s worked! :smiley:

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