I've been trying for two years. Please.. someone get real

anytime I triggere a download with Brave, the entire window slides down the screen about 50 px. It doesn’t matter what blockers are on or off. I’ve tried all configurations. EVERY download triggers this slide. It is the MOST annoying bug on Brave and I will leave Brave permanently if this can’t be resolved.

Thank you for reaching out.
We have an open issue for this here:

I’ve added your report as a +1 on your behalf — however, it would be helpful to have more information about your setup to better diagnose the cause.

I’m running MacOS Big Sur. 11.6.4
Mac has 16 GB Ram and 2.6 GHZ Dual core.
Standard mac applications installed. No other browser slides down my screen except Brave. I use Chrome, Opera GX, Firefox, Vivaldi, Edge, and Safari all with no issues. Everyone who has tried to help in the past year has always started wiith the premise that it must be my OS. It is NOT my os. It is my browser. There is a bug in Brave that makes it slide down the screen 50 pixels every time I download. My Brave install has blocked 530,000 trancker and saved me 9.8 GB of data. But I will walk away if this issue can’t be fixed. it is like having someone slap me in the face every time I hit send!

I’m still getting questions from people who assume it has to be a mac issue or something to do with NAS drives etc. I have only got a mac. PERIOD. No other browser does this. Only Brave. IT DOES NOT CRASH! Someone seems to have read in to that the browser is crashing. This is concerning that people are so uninformed here. The browswer works perfectly, except that it slide down my screen on ever single download. No other browser does this. I’m thinking that I’ll just have to walk away from Brave. Sad, because it had promise.

@Rangefire ,


Please start up your Mac’s Console.app – it is located here:


There is a panel in the left-hand side of the Console window. A portion of the panel looks like:

Screen Shot 2022-03-11 at 3.29.01 AM

If you do not see that, then select “Show Sources” in the Console menu bar > View menu.

You may have to then, toggle the ~/Library/Logs for it to expand and reveal the DiagnosticReports.

You are looking for “Brave Browser . . .crash” reports. The beginning lines of such a report, will look similar to:

Screen Shot 2022-03-11 at 3.01.24 AM

Within a couple dozen lines further down, you would see lines something like:

Screen Shot 2022-03-11 at 3.02.05 AM

The following items are important:

  • “Crashed Thread” number
  • “Exception Type”
  • “Exception Codes”

Further down in such a crash report, you will find the Thread Number. Its line and its series of lines, report at least something, as to what and / or why, there was a crash.

If you find such information, only the lines illustrated and discussed here, are helpful.

Do not fret, if you do not find such crash reports.

Please start up your Mac’s Activity Monitor, and arrange its window to appear like the following:

Screen Shot 2022-03-11 at 3.11.59 AM

Do Not display a screenshot of what your Activity Monitor shows. Please, just count all the Brave Browser processes that your Activity Monitor reports during your typical computer operations surrounding a problem download. Please report back here, with the count.

Please start up your Brave Browser > Task Manager. You can find the command, by looking at the Brave Browser menu bar and its Help menu, wherein you can type: Task Manager

Arrange its window to appear like the following:

Do Not display a screenshot of what your Brave Browser > Task Manager window shows. Please, just count all the processes reported during your typical computer operations surrounding a problem download. Please report back here, with the count.

As a matter of interest, you will find some of the Process ID (PID) numbers of the Activity Monitor processes and the Task Manager processes, match.

Crash Report References:

[Apple - Developer:] Analyzing a Crash Report [a general overview]


[Apple - Developer:] Examining the Fields in a Crash Report:

“Understand the structure of a crash report and the information each field contains”

"Exception Information"

“Every crash report contains exception information. This information section tells you how the process terminated, but it may not fully explain why the app terminated. This information is important, but is often overlooked.”


[Apple - Developer:] Understanding the Exception Types in a Crash Report:

“Learn what the exception type tells you about why your app crashed”


[Apple - Developer:] Identifying the Cause of Common Crashes

“Find patterns in crash reports that identify common problems, and investigate the issue based on the pattern.”


[Apple - Developer:] Investigating Memory Access Crashes

“Identify crashes that arise from memory access issues, and investigate the cause of the crash.”


Crash Reports: How To Use Them To Troubleshoot Why Your Mac Crashed

It wasn’t a crash. Not sure where you got that idea from.
I never mentioned crash.

@Rangefire ,

If you look at the Activity Monitor window, and the Task Manager window, you will see many processes running under the Brave Browser process umbrella.

There is an individual process for every individual tab that is open, and every individual window that is open, in (for example) the Task Manager window.

Individual processes can, and do, crash.

When you observe a Brave Browser window failure, that window’s process may be crashing . . . and such a crash does not mean, that the window will disappear. Instead, Brave Browser may initiate a replacement window.

Helps to know, if there have been such window process failure, crash reports.

Some of the reason for the multiple processes under the Brave Browser umbrella, is so Brave Browser itself - plus associated processes still running, keep running while a failing process quits . . . and thus, you keep going.

Worth a look, via your Console.app, to see if a crash report exists, as previously described.




Multi-Process Model Background

To understand Chromium’s memory usage, let’s understand the multi-process model. Unlike other browsers, Chromium is divided into multiple processes. When Chromium starts up, it will initially have two processes. One process is the browser process which controls the main browser functionality, and the other is the initial renderer process , which runs the Blink rendering engine and JavaScript (V8). Each time you open a new tab in Chromium, you’ll likely get a new renderer process. With typical browsing, it is common to see 5-7 chrome.exe processes active. Further, if you utilize plugins, apps, or extensions, they may also execute within independent processes. All of Chromium’s processes, whether it is a browser process, a renderer process, or a plugin process, will show under the Task Manager as “chrome.exe”.

PS. Have you tested the switch positions for Window placement?:

To be clear, I do not think that this issue is anything other than what is being described. As I stated above, you are not the only person experiencing this issue and, as such, it has been logged on our Github for review. I cannot guarantee any specific time that this particular issue will be resolved, but I can guarantee that it is known and I will try and get additional eyes on the issue.

No problem. I’ll delete Brave and diarize to come back in a year.
I’ll re-install the app March 1st, 2023. If the bug is fixed, I’ll stay with Brave. I’ve not, I’ll leave permanently. Opera GX is impressing the hell out me right now.