It's not friendly to type Chinese in location bar


I got a problem when I was trying to input Chinese in location bar.

There is a process to choose correct characters before then put in box.
But it directly gets the first few letters in. Because the autocomplete mechanism.
So far, I have to type a space first. Then type the Chinese characters for search.

The first character will be repeated in Chinese Input

@cxbig which operating system and IME?

Do you use ?


System: Mac OS 10.12.5
IME: Mac OS Built-in Chinese Input Method


do you experience the issue yet?


I’m another user. Yes, the issue is still there.

And I also tried system built-in Japanese (Hiragana) IME, and get the same result as Brave browser's address bar does not respect OSX Japanese input method

Brave 0.19.53
rev e09025b
macOS 10.12.6 (16G29)


+1 from The first character will be repeated in Chinese Input


It is not typing Chinese in location bar.

No matter typing any language other than English, you can just press “enter” key to have the words typed in English. In this case, the first character is repeated.

Here is the example, I want to type google.


which IME do you use?


I am using the default IME in the macbook

I tried other languages like “simple telex” in Vietnam, it is the same.


Thanks, I forwarded the issue to the dev team!

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