It's crap but has potential

It doesn’t work at all
All it does is crash .windows 8.1 64 bit
Says import data, I try to import from chrome or FF
And it says not responding then not responding goes away and it says successful imported data
But there is nothing there
Or i hit import and it just closes the program
And I have to reopen it
Also shows option to import histt bit I do not even see a history button anywhere

@aross1976 I’ll be honest with you, this current version of Brave-Moun-Laptop has many issues, one of the main reasons for this is because they’re making a significant change to the browser (Brave-Core-Browser) which we’ll see in a seamless update soon to v1.0 which will automatically fix many of the issues in the current browser.

They’re likely to push the update next month but if want you can use the dev version which many seem to like even though all their features haven’t been fully implemented or polished -


i mainly tried it because it is the only way to download video torrent magnet links from bit chute
i will give it a try though since most other browsers are going to crap these days
i hope it improves , the migration feature really is a must for them to get working
also i wonder if there is an option to make it not switch tabs when i hover over a tab this is very annoying as well , can i make it so i have to click on the tap for it to switch to it and not switch to it when i hover over it?

Which migration feature are you speaking of?

Funny you should say that, in the dev version they haven’t implemented the preview feature yet and won’t until after 1.0, however, currently you can go to Settings - Tabs and either disable ‘Show tab previews on hover’ or just select ‘Long’ so it isn’t as annoying but you still like the feature sometimes.
You probably had it on ‘None’, right?

oh i should hav ebeen more clear i mean the ability to import your history and links from other browser, namely chrome and fire fox , it says it worked bu i do not see anything here

If you’re using Windows, you might as well jump the band wagon and use the dev version (Brave-Core) instead, it has many of the fixes users are facing with the current soon to be deprecated Brave-Moun.

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