It's been 2month not received bat

It’s been 2 month I tip bat token to my YouTube channel still not recive in uphod account what’s the problem

Hello @Tushar435. I’m afraid that is not allowed to tip yourself.

But before that I tip a lot of time at that time I receive but why no

@Tushar435 What @rolak said is true. If you keep trying to tip yourself, there’s a possibility that your Brave Account would be banned.

But I m not ban I still earning from by advertising and all stuf

Yes. That’s why you’re lucky. I’m just saying, that tipping yourself is prohibited now and if you keep on trying to tip yourself… like I mentioned earlier, you might possibly get banned. Or worse, lose a lot of BAT. Just to be on the safe side, try to avoid tipping yourself. If you can do it before but you can’t do it now, that just means Brave is starting to be strict about that policy.

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