Its almost a month now and not one pop up ad what so ever

i havnt seen a real pop up add in almost a month now. I cleared everything and still nothing. is there anything else i can do to fix this please?

They are saving up all the BATs that aren’t being given to the Brave users likely… i don’t get ads either, hundreds of topics per week about the ads not showing for people. No real solution except a generic reply on what you should check/clear cache etc. Great browser when ads work though… lol did you ever think you would be complaining about not having adverts show up during something you view :joy:

What type of device are you using? Read here to see whether any of this helps:

sweet since leaving my comment on this topic the brave people decided to remove all my pending BATS… classy!!

The “brave people” didn’t do any such thing. There is evidently a glitch happening that appears to be a display error. Just be patient and it will all get fixed.

ok thanks for the info

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