Its a great browser but


I really liked brave browser cause it seems to be quit fast and good but it’s very poor in the settings.
i wanted to have “ask for confermation when exiting browser” or “open a new tab when clicking on a link or a bookmark” a dark theme so my eyes doesn’t hurt when i stay up at night with a different home page (why is google extections supported i thought this is a chromiume browser??)

again Brave is a great browser and thx for the development team to make it but its very poor with the settings


Hi @AyoubMadrid,
Thanks for reaching out. :slight_smile:

An issue logged for this. And likely this will be available with brave-core, v1.0 coming this year. See the last comment here

Is this option available in other browsers like Chrome?

In Brave, you can Ctrl+click link to open it in new tab, same for bookmarks. Also, the option available in right-click context menu.

Dark theme also coming to Brave 1.0.

I’m a bit unclear about this one. Brave for now support some extensions. List available under Preferences > Extensions. More extensions support is coming to Brave 1.0.

EDIT: Brave is based on Chromium, the same engine like Chrome use. Not to be confused about Chromium and Chrome’s-the-difference-between-chromium-and-chrome/ . And the current Brave is use Chromium + Muion (Electron fork) for its UI. Brave-core, will move to Chromium front-end.

You can read more about Brave 1.0 here

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