Itemized transaction history

Why is there no way to see an itemized list of tips? If someone sends me a tip and lets me know how much, I cannot even cross-reference it with my donations because they are just summed together. Also, the percentage that Brave takes prevents them from matching anyway. Is there a way to see the transaction log?

Hi @Dheadrick, tips sent can be tracked in the Contributions tab here - brave://rewards-internals/.

I just went to my contributions tab in brave://rewards-internals/ and it shows nothing. However, I have received a total of 21.38 BAT in tips which are currently sitting in my Brave Rewards Creator dashboard.

Thanks @Dheadrick, the contribution transaction shows up for the user who sent the tip.

Ok. I’m requesting that the receiver be able to see this. But it would have to be in the dashboard of the creator page (since it isn’t specific to a single browser).

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