It would help if this was conveyed up front as a MAIN caveat for IOS


Unless I missed it, there was no “notice” until I clicked on the ? mark under Preferences–>Sync, that Sync is not yet active on IOS devices.

I’m not being rude or expecting an answer. I just wanted to bring this to your attention. It will save people, like myself, some time if when you go to Preferences on the Brave for macOS Sierra, you had a note saying the feature is not yet available. Again, no anger…just spent some time trying to figure out why I couldn’t find Sync on my iPhone or iPads.

Just a thought and thank you. Excellent Browser.



Sync on mobile is in development :wink:


what tarik2nu said - and know ios is in dev - but any target date for availability ?


I have no idea but you can always check the github milestone for the update here:

I believe that 1.4 is the update that brings sync so it is 56% done but their iOS dev team is kinda small so it can take some time sadly :wink::sweat_smile:


As @Jacalz kindly pointed out, sync is currently under development, and being beta tested right now!


yes please


thankyou - yes - would love to be on the beta program - i live in mac land on phone, ipad and powerbooks if that helps


As sync does not seem to be an advertised feature for Brave anywhere, I would not have counted on it for any platform. Which is why I haven’t switched browser yet.

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