It is possible?


Question! Big fan of Brave and also big fan of
Is there any way to integrate it together perhaps some kind of extension that would auto download a torrent via bitport?


Out of curiosity, what should the integration do?
According to the description on their website, you paste the URL of the torrent file somewhere, then they do the download, then you simply download the resulting file, whatever it is. It seems easy enough. What of this would you like to have automatized, and how?

(By the way, it requires a login. Which means, they can identify everybody who uses their service and of course they know very well who downloaded which torrent and some copyright owner could simply ask them who downloaded their files…)


Also, did you know that Brave have built-in torrent viewer? You can open and download torrent using the magnet link.



Not until a few minutes ago :slight_smile: