It is impossible to use Brave with keyboard layout other than english

I have already wrote about this issue but was completely ignored. I would love to continue using this browser, but for any user who uses languages other than English it becomes really problematic, especially when writing the text, since no hotkeys are working at all. I don’t understand how this obvious feauture is still not taken into account as it is the first time I see this misstep in a software in 2018.

I am using Brave on a Mac, if that is relevant. Thank you.

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Hi @arciviscuvu,

I’m sorry I missed your previous post. And thanks for reporting.

It’s a known issue where non-English keyboard not working properly (for shortcuts). Logged issue

And likely we will have no fix for this issue for the current Brave. But other users confirmed that this issue is fixed on brave-core, v1.0 coming this year.

Thanks for your patience.

The problem takes place in 0.24.0.

P.S. Tried Brave-dev… it’s simply a Chrome :smiley:

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