It happened again some of my earning i think last months and this months which was supposed to processed full out today

Not true. And not just Nightly, in fact any new installation of Brave wouldn’t have this issue or would have quite less of this issue (normal) when used regularly.

The reason this started is because of some changes made in v1.35 and users who updated from v1.34 or earlier to 1.35 will mostly face this issue and not new installs.

I think, most of these earnings a month or two monts old, they are unlikely to get reconciled/cashed-out. And these clogged ones can be a hinderence in cashing-out of new ones (althouh new updates try to cash-out latest Ads first and not oldest).

So, just trying to gauge some opininon here-

  • Clear these old/clogged earnings so that new ones could reconcile/cash-out sooner (Rewards counter will look fresh & clear and I don’t think more that 0.5 BAT will roll over going farword except in exceptional cases)
  • Leave them as it is and pay them in full no matter what (highly unlikely and I think Brave is trying to give bonuses from two month already)
  • I hate this poll

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I hope I don’t get trolled for this one :grin:. Feel free to ignore.

I can see its a problem with old installs, which is why I pointed out that there are no problems with my one new install on Nightly. If the reconcile date has not been changed then I am curious what changes were made that are causing our rewards to go all awry (since end of January in my case)? Every month the same thing is happening and estimated earnings keep going up with the large amounts being carried over. Best solution to me (rather than another mid-month claim for the wrong amount again) is if they just found the fix so that next month the estimated balance pays out as it used to do leaving (usually) 0.5 BAT or thereabouts carrying over to the next month. Let’s get back to where we were before this upgrade that caused the problem. There’s going to be hundreds of posts from disappointed users again this month - I love, and am loyal to Brave and know they will sort it out, but it doesn’t reflect well on the company and causes people to cry out ‘scam’ which of course us loyal users know it is not.

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:thinking: I always try not to complain while waiting for the problems to be resolved…this time, I must sign up for the list of those who do not receive the full rewards and it is the third time in a continuous way that this happens, of course my account is verified with Uphold

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Me too, I usually try to help others when I visit the community and know (Brave veteran) they always find and fix in time. But if its likely to affect many users I post full details to give admins a heads-up that Brave is not working as it usually does. In doing this I like to think it helps others can see they’re not alone, and will follow the topic for updates rather than flooding forum (and admins) with posts and DMs on the same issue.

It seems (from posts) to be happening across verified and unverified accounts, regardless of custodian, and I also think the problem started with Feb payment of Jan rewards (in my case, initially only on Nightly, Windows 11). The following month it happened again except this time on most of my browsers (Brave, Beta and Nightly) across all devices (Windows 10 & 11 + Android). And this month it happened a 3rd time, again across all devices, and particularly badly on Android. Outstanding balances have not gone, they’re stuck in estimated rewards for the following month so at least it’s not going anywhere, but the balance just increases month-on-month and I’d rather get the BAT like I always used to do! :angel:



The same overhere, this is the second month that this happens. And according to my numbers I see that this month, the remaining BAT is bigger than the remaining BAT from the previous month.

I have the feeling that there’s a suspicious/unexplained process floating overthere and now I’m starting to worry and I don’t understand if those BAT they will remain there or if at some moment will they be paid. Right now rules are not clear. I would like to understand know how to calculate the percentage of BAT that will be paid at the end of month.

Yes, the balance is increasing and finally we don’t know if they will be paid or not.

Also discourages (new and current users) on the task of clicking new ads, because you don’t know if they will really be paid on the next month. :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage:

Wow man, that’s a lot.

The same is happening to me. I can tolerate this, but what I need to know is when will this be paid?. This is the second month in a row that it’s happening to me and I see that the counter is increasing and not diminishing.

same here
March rewards still missing, April rewards are cut at half or 1/3
and Topicsabout March rewards problem are getting closed, not solved.

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New month … same issue … again and again and again…


Be careful though. The more it rolls over and the more you accumulate could end up causing a flag. I had mine rolled over for multiple months, had 21 BAT accumulated and my account was flagged. Never received it.

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