It happened again some of my earning i think last months and this months which was supposed to processed full out today

@IanMoone @4M4M You guys are too hopeful. Don’t be disappointed if they get rolled over next month also.

If you ask me, it is best to clear them. And the sooner the better as these clogged Ads will delay future Ads to get reconciled.

Great nickname! but, I’d rather get paid double at 80-90% of my earnings for the month than receive a lower compensation for the BAT that gets left over to the next month.

yeah, I have that outlook on BAT ever since I use Brave, way back to its early days… I been using various browsers before (chrome to firefox to uc browser to vivaldi) with no incentive and I’m fine with it, now that it gives me a little percentage, it already became a habit of mine that it doesn’t matter to me as much as the privacy I had now vs the browser I use before… In fact I tip my BAT most of the time…but yeah, it’s just me…

i can confirm this because i recieved full payout on version 1.34 this month
partial in latest version


Helpful find. That will certainly help the team to pinpoint the reason why this is happening.

I think many people are facing this issue

An update in case you guys missed-

Any update on this?
I hope i wont see half payment and rollover again in 3 days :smiley:

I think rollover is unstoppable unless cleared. Better to brace for the impact.

For better results keep the app updated especially in Android.

Brave actually automatically spends all the crypto every user earns for them, unless they dive deep into the settings and uncheck a little auto donate button of course but lets just leave that for the fine print you know what I mean? Wink… Wink… Because that sounds like something all businesses should do am I right? Just spend the rewards promised to their customers for them. I mean I don’t understand why credit card companies don’t automatically spend your cashback for you, right? I am sure everyone would be thrilled to have their cash back automatically donated to whoever Visa sees fit you following me here? Yeah… Yeah… Amazing idea guys, such a solid business Strategy, our customers are going to be thrilled! Not…

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lets hope the problem is sort out, because I have almost 30 bat with all my devices sitting around to claim for this month

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it happened again this month,some rewards rolled to next month

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Yes like mine, I have 7.64 but I will get only 4.54
@Mattches @steeven

yeah please do something about this issue,its almost 3rd month now with this issue

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The same thing happened again:


Yeah i think its almost 3rd month with the same issue

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I think they should roll back to the older way of reconciling ads lmao. Last year this never happened to me (at this proportion) and now it’s like a default. I think it’s the 3rd month now.


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Hi, again… same issue!

same here. % 40 of April rolled out to May

Same here. This is for the third month running in my case and the only browser where it hasn’t happened across four devices is a new installation of Nightly. I’ll be making a separate post on this to illustrate disparity. Seems to me its reconciling half-way through the month instead of near the end.