Issues with transferring iOS earnings

Users have reported some issues with transferring their iOS earnings over to their desktop/laptop Brave Rewards accounts. We have seen reports of users starting the transfer from their iOS device but not seeing the BAT arrive in their desktop/laptop account. For those who have successfully transferred, we have seen some reports of changes to estimated ad earnings.

If you have not yet begun your transfer, we recommend waiting for a couple of days while the team investigates these issues. If you have begun your transfer and have experienced the issues above, rest assured that the team will restore any balance or estimated earnings that are not appearing as soon as possible.


As of a few hours prior to this posting, the transfers appear to be working as intended. If you initiated your transfer several hours ago, and didn’t see it complete within a few minutes, it was likely waiting to be processed. Our team has increased the rate at which transfers initiated with the QR Code can be processed.