Issues With Loading Tabs/Pages


This seems like something of a strange issue. Here are my specs:

  1. iPad 4 with Retina, 128GB

  2. iOS 10.2.1(14D27)

  3. Brave version 1.3.0(

  4. I’m not sure what’s causing this and I may be conflating issues together but, I’m having some problems when loading pages. It could be a compatibility issue since I have an older iPad. I surf the internet pretty heavily, usually reading text articles(fewer videos/images loading). I often use the same tab to go back and forth through several pages on the same website, and sometimes open additional tabs to do searches.

The problems I’m having are:

  1. First off, it seems that sometimes, when I open a new tab to complete a search, the tab that I use for the primary website glitches and goes back to the home page(the one that gives stats on how Brave is performing). The tab seems to show that I can hit the forward tab to get back to the page I was on, but when I hit the forward button, it will never load any of the pages. The only way to get to the page I was on is to go into history, and only if it is in ‘Today’ (just updated Brave and older histories are no longer visible?)

  2. Additionally, sometimes, if I do open a new tab and leave it open, if I go back to my main tab and I try to open a link on the primary web page (I don’t tell it to open in a new tab, I want it to open in the tab I’m already on), it will open a completely blank page, and the actual web page will open on the secondary tab that I still have open.

These issues happen intermittently, so I haven’t quite noticed the precise pattern that causes it, just some general things I do related to them.

Hope this helps with ironing out any bugs.


@tabularasa Thanks for letting us know! We have a number of similar tab issues we are currently working on. Hopefully once we complete some of the tab refactoring, things will stabilize. We really appreciate the information as we continue to work on these improvements!


Old iPad latest ios same issue iphone 6S: The "Load More Pages at the bottom of any section doesn’t work. When selected it grays out, but the nothing.

Also, when in a Secion like “US” and from An Explore in Depth link want to go back to “US” where I was, it takes me back to Top Stories . . . So then I have to re select whichever page (“US”).

In general: LIKE YOU WORK!!!



Thanks for taking the time to express your issues on the community page here. I was wondering if you could please provide some specific websites as examples. It would help to better understand what you are experiencing.

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