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Ok, so this is important b/c it’s stopping me from doing my activism work.

At first I thought it was LBRY & a bug on there end & I told them it was so now I’m ashamed b/c when I went to Chrome b/c I really needed to upload a video, the same issue wasn’t there.

I upload a video & then I go to upload another one & the content from some, if not all) of the title & description fields is still in there from the last video.

Then LBRY thinks I’m trying to upload another video on top of the previous one & even if I try to remove it, it will tell me there’s an error.

It’s a lot of stress & I can’t upload anything.

I did try to delete the cache, then the cookies & that cleared things, but then 2 videos later, I was back to the same issue.

I go to Chrome & everything is empty. I just went now & same thing, empty, although to be honest, I haven’t uploaded anything to Chrome to see if it does it after I do an upload, but why would it be fine on Chrome & not Brave?

Can you please tell me when this will be fixed?

I don’t want to have to use goolag.


We need to know what’s causing the issue first, before sorting any fix.

Does changing any shields settings help with the issue?

Make a quick fix and cleanup.


That’s how works. I’ve had the same issue in Firefox on Windows 10. The site just seems to save some of the info when you upload videos.

I have all shields down.

They did say they know about the bug, but the bug isn’t happening in Chrome.

I don’t use Fx, so I don’t know about that.

What do you want me to do with Github? That’s all Greek to me. LOL


I went to test the site on my end only to discover you need to verify/earn/buy some form of credits in order to upload content, so I’m not able to test. It’s hard to tell what could be happening here – some things you might still try are:

  • Create a new temp profile, login to the site using that profile and attempt to upload your videos the same way and see if you get the same behavior.
  • In Brave, try to upload the videos in the same way and when you see the error that you are describing, open the dev tools window (Menu --> More options --> Dev tools), click on the Console tab, and share a screenshot of any output that appears on the console.

I’m just going to leave this for now b/c it’s happening on Chrome, just not as much & they say they know it’s a bug.

Plus what you wanted me to do was too much right now. I’m swamped.

Thank you & I hope you are ok.

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I tried the site, its not quick. Often not showing images on the front page. And just playing a video took a while and skipping through video often didnt work.

Going by the testing, it’s server side issues

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