Issues with Extention(Plugins)



My issues is fairly simple but i cant fix it. each time i open brave browser it opens up two tabs one thats the Bitwarden plugin has been installed and second it the Metamask which someone said to install in my last thread and closed the thread. I even screen recorded the issue. And it is becoming fairly annoying now.

Laptop: Fully loaded Dell XPS 13 9360
Os: Windows 10 pro latest build
brave: latest version

Here is a link to the video addressing to the Issue



Thanks for reporting @AkhlaaqBadulla.

It’s a known issue. And logged here

Similar issue Honey Extension keeps showing installation success webpage after I open Brave.


Thanks but whats the metamask addon?
and an idea when will this issue be resolve.


It’s likely the fix will landed in a couple of releases.
Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile:


thank you… the matter in question has been resolved. this thread can be closed.


Yes, it fixed in latest release. Closing the thread. :slight_smile:

closed #7

Fixed in latest release, 0.19.70 – see release note.