Issues with Desktop Installer & Website (Per Computer vs Per User Installs)


Issue: The type of installer being downloaded (single user or all users) for the windows installers is unclear on the website.

Some links, such as the big “Download Brave for Windows 64-bit” button download a “per-user” or single user installer, which installs Brave to AppData. Other links, such as the one right beneath it listing the versions available, install Brave to C:\Program Files(x86) as a “per-computer” or all users install.

There is no discernable difference between the two links or the installers. This is an issue in my environment because we have software restriction policies in place that prevent programs from running from AppData.

Suggested Fix: Ideally, there should be a single installer. The user should have a choice of installation method (single user or all users) during the install.

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