Issues with Claiming Brave Rewards on Mobile Devices

I’ve been using Brave Browser on my mobile device for some time now and have been actively accruing Brave Rewards through viewing ads and browsing. However, I’ve encountered some difficulties when attempting to claim my rewards, and I’m seeking assistance from the community to resolve these issues.

Here’s the situation:

  1. Claim Button Unresponsive:
  • When I navigate to the Brave Rewards settings on my mobile device and attempt to claim my accumulated BAT (Basic Attention Token) rewards by tapping the “Claim” button, nothing happens. The button appears unresponsive, and I’m unable to proceed with claiming my rewards. Are there any known bugs or troubleshooting steps I can take to resolve this issue and successfully claim my rewards?
  1. Uphold Verification Errors:
  • In an attempt to troubleshoot the unresponsive claim button, I decided to verify my Uphold account associated with Brave Rewards. However, I encountered errors during the verification process, preventing me from linking my Uphold account to Brave Rewards on mobile. What could be causing these verification errors, and how can I resolve them to ensure a successful connection between Brave Rewards and Uphold?
  1. Missing Rewards:
  • Despite actively browsing and viewing ads on Brave Browser for several months, I’ve noticed that my Brave Rewards balance on mobile does not seem to accurately reflect the BAT I should have accrued. Is there a known issue with rewards not being credited properly on mobile devices, or could there be other factors affecting the accuracy of my rewards balance?
  1. Syncing Rewards Across Devices:
  • I also use Brave Browser on my desktop computer and have accumulated rewards there as well. If you want to download capcut pro apk then visit this link. Is it possible to sync my Brave Rewards balance across multiple devices, including mobile, to ensure consistency and access to my rewards from any device? If so, what steps do I need to take to enable this functionality?

I appreciate any insights, advice, or troubleshooting tips the community can provide to help me address these issues and make the most of my Brave Rewards experience on mobile. Additionally, if anyone else has encountered similar challenges or has successfully resolved similar issues, I would greatly appreciate hearing about your experiences.

Thank you for your assistance!

Shouldn’t be seeing these. There haven’t been claim buttons in a long time that I’m aware of. It just automatically pays. So if you’re seeing a Claim button, something is wrong and you’re likely using unsupported versions of the browser.

Which ones? I mean, some of the more common are:

Based on what you have said in the prior two, it seems you’ve not been able to earn BAT because you’re not connected to a custodial account. You are required to be linked to an account like Uphold in order to earn. It has been like this for a year, give or take. You may want to read the links below:

Never have and never will be able to sync Rewards across devices. Each of them earn on their own and then you receive payments. Payments will go to one central location,. which is your custodial account (like Uphold), but that’s about the only way it can be “synced.” But ads viewed and all are always separate to each profile/device.