Issues with Brave Search Engine: Resetting Preferences and Speed Performance

Brave search engine preference settings (language, safe search, anonymous local results, google fallback mixing, etc.) frequently reset to their default values every few days. This requires me to continually make adjustments, which has become an inconvenience. I kindly request that this issue be resolved so that once a user configures their preferred settings, they remain unchanged until the user decides to modify them or deletes data of the search engine site (

Another concern is the search engine’s speed, which often appears slower than expected. While I understand that it’s still in active development, I want to commend the Brave team for their dedication to privacy and non-invasive features. However, after several months of use, I’ve noticed that it takes around 2 seconds to deliver search results most of the time, even with a reliable internet connection. This delay is not in line with the performance I’d anticipate. I’ve attached a screenshot below for reference.

Tested these on latest versions of Brave on desktop & android, and it’ same on both.

@user07 Are you doing anything to clear cookies? Because that should be the only thing that would cause it to lose your settings.

@Saoiray No, I’m not actively doing anything. As I mentioned earlier, it simply occurs spontaneously.