Issues with Brave on Android (specific site not working and no voice input support for Google search)



Problem 1

I’ve found the website livescore dot com doesn’t load on Brave. I can enter with Chrome or any browser but this one. It concerns me since this could also be happening with other sites. Even when I disable the shields, the connection is refused.

Screenshot even with shields off

Problem 2

Voice input for google search does not show in the taskbar

I’m on Android 6.0 using the latest stable version 1.0.43. I’ve tested this with another phone in Android 4.4.2 and happens the same. Another phone, in 4.4.2, does not show these symptoms. Livescore loads and I can use voice input for google search.


Hi @ashrobb

I reproduced your issue with livescore and logged an issue:

Could you provide additional information on your second problem? Did this work in a previous version and stopped?



I cannot reproduce both of the problems. For #1 please try the latest version 1.0.44. For the voice input, could you double check that you have Google as search engine in Settings->Search engine. And also does it work for you if you directly open


I have voice search issues in brave Desktop when I’m trying to search through voice it show doesn’t have the internet i have no idea how to resolve this


@Vishnu this thread is for Android. If you are having a problem with the desktop version of Brave please open a separate thread, thanks!



okay Thanks i have done that @LaurenWags


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