Issues with 1Password and MacOS

I am having same issues. Mac OS 10.14.5 / 1Password 6.

I have followed directions as seen on other threads exactly, and am not having luck.

  • Exit 1Password (from the macOS menu bar, click on the 1Password icon, then on the gear and select the option to completely exit)
  • Uninstall the 1Password extension from Brave
  • Quit Brave with ⌘Q
  • Open Brave and reinstall the extension from here
  • Quit Brave with ⌘Q
  • Finally, open the 1Password desktop app and Brave

After following steps and trying to use extension it will not link up. I simply get pull down


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@dsafian IIRC, you need 1Password 7 in order to use it with Brave.

That’s an odd restriction. Why can’t 1Password 6 work in Brave? (I have the very same issue)

@e_known more info can be found here and here

Apologies for the inconveniences.

Ah, that’s super unfortunate. Thanks for the references.

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