Issues related to metamask signing

Hello there,

So I got a issue regarding using metamask through Brave I believe something is broken.

When I use a windows account without user rights and try to sign a transaction through metamask via a cold wallet, the transaction always fails with user canceled as error even though I have enabled contract data and enabled blind signing, I have tried this now a couple of times on shibaswap and it just won’t work.

I also have software restriction policies set on %temp%*.exe so that only administrators can run from there but I doubt this SRP has anything to do with the issues regarding the error.

I think it has a issue with properly hot plugging the webhid and might cancel out due permission problems from one of these things above.

When I used vivaldi it worked better but also very wonky, but no error about the user canceling the transaction, this seem only to be happening on brave and maybe chrome, I think a checkbox on the installer is missing to install the browser for all users.

Is there a way to report this as a bug or feature? :slight_smile:

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