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Generic question - Why do Brave questions, logged in ( that are clearly not resolved, get closed?

Why not keep those un-resolved issues in a wip or pending status & or allocate them a problem reference #?
& or, if the current system is to continue, why not flag records that are un-resolved but being closed due to [time/period] benchmark as unresolved?


That depends on what the issue is.
Some of them may not be resolved with respect to the issue and Brave itself, but have a fix in development or slated for an upcoming release.
When this happens, a link to the appropriate fix is given in the thread and subsequently closed. This helps to keep things organized and avoid clutter. Users are encouraged to DM moderators/team members if they feel their thread was closed prematurely or that their issue was not addressed.


Hey Mattches (apologies for getting your name wrong in other posts).
My question relates back to all the Kaspersky/Brave posts, I’ve not had time to chk every single one, however, “a link to the appropriate fix is given in the thread” does not seem to be the case for the posts I’ve been working thru.
Kaspersky/Brave conflicts/incompatibility is an ongoing concern, for Brave users to be raising new cases for the same issue doesn’t seem like a seamless way to cover historical events… (imo)… :thinking:


Can you show me which issue you’re referring to that’s closed prematurely?


Hey Mattches,
I just did a generic search, search term [Kaspersky], however, one example: [ Kaspersky [KTS19(d)] detecting Brave Installer as malware: PDM:Trojan.Win32.Generic ]; I’ll post more, right at this minute I’m installing KIS19 as Jikra has reported [Kaspersky Protection extension] was “available” automatically [via Google store], despite you & I not being able to find the [Kaspersky Protection extension] when we searched the store… :persevere:


That’s because the conversation has been moved and conslidated to this thread here:

I’ve added a link to the new thread at the bottom of the closed issue you linked to avoid further confusion.


Well here’s one: Sites with notification request popups freeze
I’m having the same problem but can’t reply because it’s been automatically closed.


The system auto-closes Topics after a certain amount of time to stay organized and surface new (often more relevant) issues. Should this happen again, please message me directly about it and I’d be happy to assist.

I have reopened the issue you linked to and will be looking into it tonight.

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