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I like the idea of this project, I really want it to work! But I can’t really use it for much right now because I keep hitting a brick wall when I need to get things done. I looked through the common issues and some other Help Me! posts but didn’t see anything that was similar to my issues. So here goes:


Lenovo W530 laptop, i7 CPU, 12GB RAM, Windows Server 2016 OS (I’m a sysadmin and need the admin tools & stability, I suspect this may be the cause of some issues), fully updated.

Brave Settings:

Starts with Windows/Tabs from last time
Bookmark Bar always visible (because how am I gonna get anything done otherwise? lol)
Disabled: Browser History, Download History, Cached Images & Files, Autocomplete Data, Autofill Data, Saved Site & Permissions
Enabled: All Site Cookies, Do Not Track, Flash, Google Widevine
Password Manager is Lastpass (Please disable the “Open a tab to the lastpass vault on startup” this is annoying)
Enabled: HTTPS Everywhere, Block Phising/Malware, Fingerprint Protection
Disabled: Block Scripts
Enabled: Hardware Acceleration, Smooth Scrolling, Anon Crash Stats, PDF Reader, Torrent Viewer
Disabled: Usage Stats, Pocket


  1. Netflix won’t work. I uninstalled the flash that was previously installed by either Chrome or Firefox (I don’t know which) and then enabled and installed flash via the Brave browser and then enabled Google Widevine. When I open netflix and try to play a show it gives me the “Please install Flash” screen. Cannot get it to work. (Also I noticed that when Netflix originally opened I had Widevine enabled but hadn’t authorized it for that page, and when I clicked no --to see if it would work without it-- the giant popup would reopen itself every time I reloaded the page, even though I checked the “Remember my decision” box. Very annoying)

  2. When opening a website that authenticates with NTLM (ie: my Sharepoint test site) the popup that asks for username & password opens up with the username line above just above the line where my tabs are displayed and it won’t register a click above that line for some reason. I have to click into the password box which is below the tab line and shift-tab into the username field. Very strange, no idea why that would be a problem but it is, happens whether my window is maximized or floating.

  3. I have Brave set to open previous tabs on launch, which is convenient, but when I launch brave by clicking a link from another program (ie: after taking a snapshot in ShareX) it launches 2 Brave windows, one with my previously opened tabs, and one with my new tab from whatever link I clicked (also the new window always has a tab open to login to Lastpass which I would like to NEVER see, it’s annoying and I just use the extension.

  4. Also I have a weird problem with Google 2-step authentication (which prompts me on my phone) where it sends the prompt to my phone and then says (sign-in attempt timed out). This ONLY happens in Brave, it works fine in IE, Edge, & Chrome. If I click resend it prompts my phone and immediately times out again. I REALLY don’t understand how this would be a browser problem but it has to be because it doesn’t happen anywhere else.

  5. Also, I realize the sync feature is not ready yet, but could we at LEAST get the option to EXPORT bookmarks? I run Windows and Linux side-by-side using Synergy (great program, 10/10 would recommend) as well as working from my phone and it would be EXTREMELY nice to be able to rebuild my bookmarks library in Brave only once and then just export/import it into my other Brave installs. Until this works I can’t justify using Brave outside my Windows box because I don’t have another 2 hours to migrate all my bookmarks. (But the first time gave me a good excuse to clean and re-organize, so that was nice).

  6. Just a little thing, but the new tab button is extremely small and I think it would be much easier to click on the first try (it consistently takes me 2 - 3 tries) if the BUTTON were actually a button rather than an icon. The hitbox is just too small. But I often use keyboard shortcuts anyway so not a massive issue.

These are the things I’ve noticed and had problems with. I really like how portable the Brave browser is and it is noticeably faster than FireFox & IE (not sure about Chrome, my adblock plugin speeds up new pages pretty well). Although the adblock is not my favorite out of the box (I’ll have to import my config from Chrome if possible). But if there’s anything I can do to fix these issues and get it working then I should be able to try Brave as my daily driver for a while and that would be loads of fun. Also I realize running Windows Server 2016 is not the norm for most people using Brave, if there’s nothing I can do that sucks but whatever, but if I can test anything or be a guinea pig for fixes to these issues I’m up for it :smile:


@Qantumentangled sorry for the horribly late reply, we just fixed a UI issue in community which was hiding some posts.

Good news though, most of your issues should be solved!

  1. Netflix requires Widevine, which we notify you about when you visit for the first time. Just allow it in preferences and you’re good to go.

  2. We should have popups and offsets fixed. If not, please let me know because something regressed.

  3. That one is still an issue I believe because we don’t want to ditch your old tabs unless you explicitly close them.

  4. Totally fixed this one.

  5. Double good news here : A. You can export bookmarks no problem. B. Sync beta is here!
    (At a later time I’d love to chat with you about bookmark culture. I’m trying to improve our implementation as best I can.)

  6. I think we’ve fixed this two ways. A. A style update. B. An advanced preference to supersize the UI.

Hope this helps!

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