Issues on Steam gaming website


Good day. First time user. Opened Brave for the very first time.
Found some issues visiting Steam.

I couldn’t scroll through some pages.
I can’t maximize the videos too.

Loads fast though :’)

Thank you.


I just checked and I don’t seem to have either of these issues with Steam. Can you be a bit more specific?

  • Copy-and-paste your version info from Help | About.
  • Copy-and-paste some links to specific pages where you are experiencing each of these problems.



Hi CliqueBait,

Thanks for the check.
Hah. No issues here now too.
I just checked. It’s scrolling now.

The fullscreen issue: I didn’t notice the notification that I should first enable the website to use fullscreen on Brave!

Thanks again! =’)


Hi, there’s a setting Full Screen setting at Preferences > Security. Did you mind to check this one out?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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