Issues accessing GMail & installing extensions

Having trouble installing extensions and accessing gmail

How can this issue be reproduced?
Extensions issue

  1. Go to the Chrome webstore and select Add to Brave.
  2. File appears to fully download
  3. After a second, a window saying “An error has occurred | Download interrupted” appears, and the download at the bottom says “Failed - Network error”

Gmail issue:
At seemingly random intervals, gmail cannot load conversations or takes 30+ seconds to send text only emails. It randomly starts and stops. Looking at errors in the console, there are many “Failed to load resource: net::ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR” & “Failed to load resource: net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT”

Expected result:
To smoothly use gmail and be able to install extensions

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.45.123 Chromium: 107.0.5304.110 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:
I’ve tried a fresh install of Brave and Windows overall. Tried clearing cache, resetting appdata. I’ve tried accessing gmail in private browsing windows with shields off and still run into the issue. Speedtest & ping tests show expected results and no lost packets.

I’m out of ideas of what to try and am starting to expect that it could be a firewall problem or something, but am not sure how to troubleshoot from here. Would really appreciate any ideas to try out!

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Ummm I think it is firewall as well. Could you disable Firewall and try ?
Just type ‘firewall’ in windows search bar and it’ll take you to those setting.

Also could you try the same in a new profile ?
Create one by pressing on the three horizontal lines near the search bar → In the drop down, select create new profile.

Tested in a new profile with all firewalls from Windows Security disabled. Was able to get the extension installed, but still no luck on gmail… Any other ideas or thoughts on logs that may be able to provide some insight?

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I’m out of ideas. @Saoiray @Aman_M @rodrige any help?
@Kevin_cc @Alice2095 @Jarc-1107

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@TrafficScone Is this just a particular extension or this happening for any extension you try to add?

As to gmail, that needs to be treated and tested independently. Trying to “diagnose” both at the same time is no good.

One thing to check is we talked about a new profile. You mentioned installing a new extension on the profile, but then that kind of voids the purpose of asking you to get it. We need you to have a clean profile and then to try to access gmail. Do you notice a difference? We’re trying to test if you have anything screwy happening from extensions or settings. So ideally need to check without adding or changing stuff.

Hello there @TrafficScone please accept my apologies for this issue. Could you please clear cookies and cache from Gmail to see if this solves the issue?

  1. Click on the Menu icon in the top right, and go to Settings
  2. While in Settings, go to Additional settingsPrivacy and SecuritySite and shields settingsCookies and site dataSee all cookies and site data
      • A quicker way to get to this page would be to enter brave://settings/siteData into your address bar
      • Here you will see all sites with cookies and data on your device
      • You can also remove all cookies and data by clicking Remove All
  1. At the top right, search for the site you want to remove cookies and data for
  2. Click Remove all shown or use the trash can icons to delete the cookies and site data.

Let me know if that works.

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