Issues accesing Ubiquiti Unifi Video

I am having issues connecting to my NVR device on the Ubiquiti Unifi Video site. I am able to authenticate as long as I turn off the brave shield but when it tries to connect to my NVR, it fails.

I tested access with Chrome and works perfectly as well as Firefox.

Any ideas?



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Came here about the same thing. I can log in and authenticate, but then it just spins at the “connecting” screen, and never goes anywhere. Works fine in Chrome. Having to keep Chrome installed just for UniFi Video until it hopefully is sorted out.

Please repost (or edit your original post) to reflect the template and guidelines and we’d be more than happy to assist you.

@Mattches Are you replying to me or the original poster? I don’t see anything in the guidelines about structure for replies, so that’s why I’m checking. Thanks.

Either – honestly.
I don’t know what OS or Brave version this was tested under, whether any extensions are installed, etc. The more information you can provide to us surrounding the issue the more accurately (and quickly) it can be addressed.


So, this is on Windows 10 Pro. Latest stable version of Brave as of now (0.65.120). Happens with no extensions installed. Standard mode and private mode.

The behavior is exactly that of when trying to access the same NVR site using Edge or Firefox, which Ubiquiti says are unsupported browsers.

The URL of the site is, but you can’t really replicate this without having a Unifi account with an NVR setup.

Hopefully this helps, and if you need me to collect any logs or any additional info, I’m happy to help.


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Would you be willing to share a short screen recording of the behavior? Would help troubleshoot since I don’t have an account as you mentioned.

Sure thing. I should be able to do that sometime tonight (East coast).

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@Mattches Here is the recording. I’ve got it in the best case scenario, which is private mode with shields down. It sits and spins for about 3 minutes and does eventually come up with a message that it can’t locate the NVR. I verified this is the exact same behavior as Edge by letting that sit and run for this long as well today. The beginning of the video is me entering in the MFA code for logging in with my Ubiquiti ID.

@Mattches I looked at the console in Brave to see what it shows when this happens. I’m attaching a screenshot of that, which I hope helps.

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