Issue with some Ajax search boxes (predictive text)


(Win10 64bit, Brave V
Brave: 0.15.1
rev: ea5024d1f3e47d34de79b70e3cd74f1408c985ce
Muon: 2.58.8
libchromiumcontent: 58.0.3029.81
Node.js: 7.9.0 )

When you use (for example) 's “search box”, on other browsers the list of predicted “hits” drops down below the text box and you can still see what you’re typing… but in Brave the list obscures the text input box (you can still type though, you just can’t see that). Also, hitting ESC does not cause the list to collapse once it is rendered; in fact, I can’t seem to get the list to clear. Both of these things are annoying and I suspect are not intended behaviors.


Thanks for the report! I was able to repro pretty easily and can see how this is certainly not intended behavior. created for tracking.

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