Issue with Rewards Same Wallet Different Browsers

I have the following versions of Brave browser ( all update to the latest version) and on one I got the BAT on my UpHold account the other two I haven’t and the one I got it looks like the number is wrong. So following find the list of browsers and issue per browser:

1st: Brave Dev ( this is my first install and I received the BAT although I believe I got less than I should have). It is on a MacBook Pro.
2nd: Brave Normal Version ( I haven’t received the BAT to my UpHold account and the amount is definitely wrong. Also the pay out day changed from Feb 5th to Mar 5th. Note also that the payout day on my Brave Dev version was stated as Feb 6th and now is set as Mar 6th! Finally there is a different amount of pending BAT between the home screen and the rewards screen, see attached screenshots!). It is on a MacBook Pro.
3rd: Brave mobile on android Huawei Mate 9 ( I got the option to click claim which I did but I haven’t received anything. I also believe the amount to be wrong but no a big difference compared to the above 2 versions.)
Following I attach screenshots from the 2nd browser:

Please let me know what I got to do to fix it or if you can fix it remotely.
Thank you

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