Issue with regards to Ticket ID: 271285

This is with regards to Ticket ID: 271285.

I am not sure what seems to be the issue here as I got the following response which states that the rewards profile wont be reinstated. I am from India but I am right now based in Toronto, Canada. I am not sure what seems to be issue with the flagging and I have been with brave since almost 2022.

I am not sure what is flagging my profile to you guys. Can you please take a look at it again.



Thank you for reaching out to Brave Support.

Sometimes your Brave Rewards profiles can be “flagged”. That usually means our systems noticed some irregular activity associated with Brave Ads. “Irregular activity” is activity that would be considered unusual compared to an ordinary person using Brave Ads as part of their overall, everyday browsing experience.

We have reviewed the flag, and your Rewards profiles will not be reinstated. They will remain flagged.

While payouts for Brave Rewards are no longer be possible, you will still have access to the other great features and benefits that Brave has to offer.

We genuinely appreciate your support and understanding throughout this process. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Thank you for being a part of the Brave community.

Brave Support

When an account is flagged, it means Brave has identified a potential violation of their Terms of Service. If your account won’t be reinstated, it indicates that, upon review, they found the violation to be severe or intentional, leading to a permanent suspension or ban.

Unfortunately, the duration of your use doesn’t impact this decision. Brave’s antifraud measures are strict to ensure the integrity of the Rewards program. If their investigation suggests any fraudulent activity or attempts to “game the system,” accounts can be flagged and suspended.

To clarify, Brave does not disclose specific details about the irregular activity they detected. They only provide a general statement about concerning activity, which is why your account is no longer eligible to earn from the Rewards program.