Issue with Edge, Facebook and Windows10

If you are running Windows10 by now you will have realized that they were trying to push everyone away from IExplorer to use Edge… I stayed with IExplorer as long as I could… I just don’t Like Edge and what I could foreseeably see happening in the near future. If your computer has been drasticly slowing down, even with Brave now. I can offer a plausable solution as to why.
If you run Facebook from an Install download to your Computer… Big issue! It now runs from inside Edge! If you click your former pathway to run Facebook the first thing it does is opens and loads Edge Then Facebook! (Both programs!! ) from the first link you opened and the internal one inside edge! Hence about a 30% drop in functions, possible Stopcodes being issued… WDF Violations… codes simular to IRQL issues… But it doesn’t stop here. If you switch to Brave at first you will increase in speed. then Try to go to Facebook… First thing it does is opens and loads Edge! Then on to facebook If you still have Facebook installed on your Hard Drive it will try to load it also. now 45% drop in energy to run computer…
What I did was search to see if I could find Facebook to reload if I ran into problems. It’s not out there… Infact in Google search for it I got the following reply… “FaceBook is not available as a Download anymore. It runs from inside Edge” Confirming what I had suspected. Thru out this whole ordeal I was getting Stopcode violations and blue screen telling me why and what Microsoft was doing to help me and I would me restarted t o get back into Windows10… “Never Happened” I everytime had to manually stop computer with pushing and holding the power button until all lights went off.
So I took the big step and deleted Facebook from my Hard Drive (actually just renamed it and stored it on a Thumb drive :slight_smile: ).
Then I rebooted computer everything speeded up. I got to sign in, Homepage twice as fast… Now I tried what I already knew was going to happen. I loaded Brave from brave I logged into Facebook… Speed dropping Edge loaded then Facebook. ???

It seems that Facebook is working with Microsoft to eliminate other Browsers in the same way they swept IExplorer out the Door. (To verify I was correct on a second notebook I was running Firefox! everything I disclosed here was same exact issues in Fire Fox, everything played out the same exact way!)

Funny if I set default Browser to Brave I constantly am being asked to make, change Edge to be my Default Browser…??? Same way in Edge, I changed my search Engine to Google… Edge did not like it! Constantly finding ways to make me use Bing or what ever it’s called. even posting Bing as my search engine at top of Edge home page. Even with Google as my requested search engine I was forced to manually load it.
Each time I will go back and look… Yes Brave is my chosen default Browser and yes Google is still my Default search engine. (Now by my “Locking my Tool Bars” otherwise Microsoft would find a way to force me to their Problem Software. Now it has been a week! Not stopcodes, No failures of any kind… I wish I could remove edge from Computer… Then I believe windows10 would probably stop working.

I have shown you that issues which Microsoft does not want to open up have caused most Windows10 failures!! I am using a Dell Inspiron N4010! Everything Windows 10 has thrown at my Runs. Only issue I had was BT software, Screen resolution, and sound. (This is an ie3 processor… I was told I would fail some where in the installation process. Fail because Manufacturers did not want to continue with updating drivers, Computer Companies wanted to sell Newer Faster Computers. I openned this can of worms and I got all sorts of emails from backdoors with where to go or attached drivers. I have 6gb operating memory and two HD’s. System reads and writes on 128gb and 256gb SD Cards… I have HD sound and Screen display

Sorry I went on a rampage… I have been With Microsoft since Billy was in Diapers… I love Microsoft… But some of these new kids on the block there are going to cause users to flock elseware… Watch!

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