Issue with continuous feed websites such as Twitter


I have some issues with Brave browser on iPhone.
If I click a link on Twitter page it opens the page on the same tab whereas Firefox opens a new tab for the link. When I go back to the Twitter page again by clicking the back page arrow the twitter page get refreshed and always go to the top of the Twitter page (whereas in Firefox the twitter page get refreshed but stay in the same place of the page where I left and not to the top). This is some times annoying because when I scroll down on the Twitter page and opens a link I want to read and when I come back to Twitter page I want to see from that portion where I clicked the link and to scroll further down and not from the top again.
I have another doubt. What is Brave browser based on for iPhone? Is there any update coming when we see 1.0 for desktop.
Does any one know whether beta testing available for iPhone?
Sorry I donot know where to put this comment. If any one from Brave happen to see this, can you move this to the correct forum?
iPhone 5s, Brave 1.6.5 (


@nellaiseemai, apologies for the late response.

Will test this on my end shortly. Reaching out to iOS team for info on browser framework and info on Beta.


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