Issue with Charts on CMC

Been noticing the last few days that on the old MUON build the charts are compiling but on the updated Chromium build (with and without shields) that they will no longer appear. Not sure what is exactly going on here.

Graphs load fine for me in Release build at default settings. What version were you testing this on?


What else have you tried?
Shields up/Down?
Do you have Block Scripts enabled?

All combination of Shields up/down and Scripts on/off

Try this:

  1. Set you’re Shields to default settings on CMC
  2. Click the lock icon on the left side of the address bar image
  3. Site Settings --> Reset permissions

Reload the page and try again.

Tried that, still blank chart… super strange issue.

Oddly enough it WILL show the Bitcoin chart populating but nothing else.

Did you apply the CSS filter to the site at some point? Maybe even on accident?
Right click anywhere on the page and select Brave --> Clear CSS rules for this site

Did that, oddly still no luck.

Yeah this is very strange. The site displays as intended for me on all available Brave builds. Does it work with Shields down?
Can you share a screenshot of your Shields panel (on the site) as well as the permissions that appear when you click the lock icon?

image UP



But again, the Bitcoin page chart shows up…this is why It is so perplexing to me…other coins nope…


Close the issue, I figured it out…

Helps if I have one of these selected…

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Yes! :joy:
Good stuff! Thought I was going to have to do some real digging to figure that out. Glad it was an easy “fix”.