Issue while verifying brave wallet

I have a valid uphold ID that I tried linking with brave rewards. I even received the mail from uphold that brave browser have been linked but everytime I click on verify wallet it says to complete verification on uphold. I am quite sure my uphold ID doesn’t have any issue. How long will it take for brave for confirmation on their side.

Hi and welcome. Given the amount of information provided, the only thing I can suggest is checking the following and seeing if it resolves your issue.

If you have never received a payout to your Uphold account, these are some of the things you can check. Before you start, make sure you are updated to the latest Brave version and the OS of the device you are using is updated to the latest version.

  1. Clear history/cache, exit Brave, and reopen. This works for some users.
  2. Does your device pass the SafetyNet check (for Android users). You will not be able to claim rewards if your device fails the SafetyNet check.
  3. Make sure your account is verified at Uphold. Go to your profile page and there should be a verified date at the bottom.
    Example: Screenshot of a Verified Profile at Uphold
    Can’t verify and authorize the wallet, can’t connect Brave to Uphold - #2 by Impoiler
  4. Make sure all your personal information in your Uphold account is accurate and complete. For example, Uphold will verify your account with an incomplete address, but Brave needs your full address, including street number, street, city, etc.
  5. Make sure you are in a Brave Supported Country. Supported countries are listed at the bottom of the Transparency page. Note: Only creator contributions are supported in the Philippines.
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  1. Didn’t work.
  2. I am not on android. I use a PC with ubuntu 20.04.
  3. My profile is verified at uphold. I am quite sure of it and I can see verified date.
  4. My personal info is accurate and correct.
  5. I am in a brave supported country.

Moreover in uphold integrations I can see brave is connected but in my brave rewards it shows my wallet as unverified.

After checking the list and verifying it doesn’t apply in your situation, the message is probably due to a known issue. The link to the Brave GitHub issue report is below.

Update “pending” text inside Rewards panel (“Please complete identity verification in order to start receiving Rewards”)

The fix is currently in Nightly 1.39.x and the text of the message has been changed. I do not know if this information is accurate, just repeating information in the issue report. The link to the issue with the new text is below and I also pasted a snip.

Update text for PENDING status. brave/brave-core#12806


I do not know how long a “pending state” lasts. You can just wait and try again later or you can DM the moderators with your wallet payment id found at brave://rewards-internals. Do not post you wallet id.

Thanks for the support, after a couple of month my problem get solved. Thanks again

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