Issue Restoring Wallet (BAT amount incorrect)

Hi All,

Wonder if anyone could help please. I’ve recently switched computer and managed to restore my wallet (shows the same backup key), however the BAT amount is much less than it should be (approx 50 BAT instead of 300 BAT). The amount of BAT restored happens to equals that accumulated on Brave Browser Beta, when I was first introduced to the browser a couple of years ago or so, so that may be where the issue is. (only used the Beta version for a couple of months, but the latest version ever since).

My old computer still shows the full amount. How do I go about getting this BAT transferred? It seems one cannot create a new backup recovery key if one already exists, unless I am mistaken.

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Make sure you update to the VERY latest version of Brave :slight_smile:

This may be relevant as well: Bug Notice: BAT disappearing from balance after upgrade to Brave v1.3

If we still can’t get your balance restored after trying the above, I’d be happy to process a refund for you. Let me know!

Hi Asad,

Many thanks for the quick and helpful response. The issue has now been resolved. I had updated to the latest verison on the new computer, but was running 1.3 rather than 1.5 on the old one. Cheers!

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