Issue Reproducing "Suspicous site ahead" bug on Brave Browser Development


I am trying to make my first contribution to Brave and have run into an issue with reproducing the following github issue:

OS: Big Sur 11.2.3
Brave Development run with npm start Component

The steps to reproduce the linked issue are:

When I try these in Brave Browser Development I get the following:

Instead of:

I am not sure why I am having trouble reproducing this error as it is my first contribution to Brave. I am thinking it could be due to the version of brave I am running. The steps to reproduce list “nightly” as the version of Brave I am supposed to be running. After reading through the documentation I can see that nightly is a developer version of Brave, but is this different than the Brave Browser Development I am running with npm start Component?

I would appreciate any help or insight members of the development team or the community have in relation to this issue and I look forward to successfully contributing to the Brave Browser!!


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