Issue of Open University’s website or Brave browser?

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Description of the issue:

Help me figure out if the issue is with the Brave browser or it is the internal system of Open University’s website.

The first issue was when a single button within the study forum was not functioning, whilst two other buttons next to it did function. Essentially due to the failure of this button I was not able to post a forum reply as part of the study requirement, whilst the button that allowed me to ‘cancel’ the reply appeared to function perfectly when pressed. When I raised the issue with the Open University’s technical team, they put the blame onto the Brave browser, suggesting I try another browser like Chrome.
However, when I visited the Apple support team at the store, their tech advisor told me that a browser isn’t capable of disabling a certain button while leaving other buttons functioning well. Thus the Apple tech advisor put the blame on the Open University’s website and their internal IT system. Then the person to blame for the malfunction of this one button is someone within the IT department, who is responsible for the functioning of the study portal system?

The second issue (that I did not have at the time of the button issue, a month ago) is when accessing the Open University’s study portal through the Brave browser, the links to the content of the study are missing. Instead it displays empty fields where there should be clickable links.
Yet, when opening the same pages via a Safari browser, all the content that was missing in Brave browser suddenly appears. The clickable links are there, and everything functions well.
However, when I’m trying to access the study portal on Safari’s Private Browsing, the page seems to be stuck on loading, never actually logging me into the study portal. But when I access it via a non-private page, I can log in and the study portal seems to function perfectly.

Thus, from this point of view, Open University’s website appears to be functioning only when I access it from a non-private page within a non-brave browser. Does it mean that the Open University’s system is deliberately denying me the right to choose a browser that I assume to be safer for online activities?

Question: Is Brave browser not compatible with the website of Open University? And if so, how can it be explained that the same features of the study portal functioned perfectly a month ago, and yet do not function now?

Question 2: And is the disabling of one singular button within the website possible inside the script of Brave browser, or is it only possible inside the system of Open University’s online study website?

How can this issue be reproduced?

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.47

Mobile Device details iPad Air, iOS 16.3.1.

Additional Information:

Website (with the study portal within it):

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