Issue of JavaScript error when open Windows 10

A JavaScript error appears whenever I open Windows 10 laptop soon after having downloaded the Brave browser, Then a note from Distilll Networks dropped me a notice it is often tied to a 3rd party browser blocking JavaScript. Is this something Brave does? What are the solutions?

Can you tell me what website you’re seeing this error on?

The error prevented me from accessing

To clarify. The error window shows up everytime I open Winders 10. It stays on the screen until I click it off. The block to occurred when I was using the Brave browser. I tried it again on Firefox and it blocked it there as well.

Can you share a screenshot of the Javascript error as it appears on your end?

I took a photo of it and can email it to you. Where would I email it?

You can simply copy/paste it into the editor here when you reply. You can also use the Upload file option the editor’s toolbar:

Having no luck pasting it.

I was able to send it by email.

In reply to this email from you there should be no problem identifying me. I attached the javascript error in my last emaill you weren’t able to identify. I’m out of further ways to communicate if you don’t receive this. @donlara

I’m sorry – who exactly did you email?

Look, I am totally new to Brave and soon after I had Brave browser downloaded, an error window popped on my screen about javascript. I was uneducated not knowing that you blocked javascript without it being a choice. Then what happened I had to pay a bill to and as soon as I clicked to open aarp, a window appeared on my screen from Distil Networks saying my javascript was blocked and this is likely from a 3rd party browser.

I tried to find a customer service person at Brave, but I ended up being referred to your Community.

I was not sure who I was speaking to in the Community, whoever it was needed me to send a print screen picture of the error on my windows screen. No matter what I did I could not get back to that person. I kept trying to send a photo as an email attachment. No luck. I managed to copy it as a print screen which is now in my Pictures Folder.

I logged into Brave with this email address as my username.I thought I was communicate with Mattches.

This is Mattches you’re speaking to.
Whats interesting is that Javascript is not blocked by default in Brave – most websites use various scripts to add functionality, so Brave does not block scripts by default. In Brave, can you go to Menu --> Settings --> Shields and ensure that the Block scripts option is toggled "off:

Thank you for your help. I’ll keep searching.Brave’s scripts setting is not blocked.

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