Issue not resolved but it was closed

In general I have yet to have a successful outcome when asking for help here or reporting issues. But just trying to be a good member of the community and reporting issues for OCD sake. Why was this closed? Rewards paid, verified, balance updated, now gone 5 min later - #3 by cerdosalvaje

Also why did my BAT rewards not reward me what it said it would? Screenshots that nobody will look at?


Excuse my snippity bibbity its just that nothing positive has happened as of yet and I don’t see why an issue was closed without resolution? I have a hard time trusting crypto empires as is… and yes I am complaining about not receiving the entirety of the “free money” whatever you want to call it. What is the point?

Explain how I only received half of my monthly reward?

Because the conversation was moved to DM. In other words, the OP who created the topic was handling their issue via private direct messages with a moderator. Each support request is unique to the person creating the topic. Community members can post to a topic, but the topic “belongs” to the OP. If the OP is getting support staff help through a DM, then for the OP the topic issue is “solved”, and the topic is closed.

Because this is a known issue and there are hundreds of posts about the issue. You can look at the Latest posts and see the ones that have a support staff reply to see the status and also look at the the Payout Status Update. You are not alone and this issue is not unique to you. The same response you will get individually is the same response all the others who have this issue are getting.

There is a bug. Brave is actively working on fixing it. Brave is reprocessing payments this week for those impacted. Please wait until payment processing is complete and then if you still have an issue, open a support request.

I have linked recent posts from support staff here and on reddit per this issue below. IMO, posting individual, tailored responses from support staff who are probably already overwhelmed with trying to fix the bug is probably not a good use of resources atm.

Update on Questions around Estimated Earnings for April Payout

Update per Related Issue(Posted April 10, 2022)

Notice: April 2022 BAT payout much lower than expected compared to estimated earnings (issue)
Update: We may be able to resolve this earlier than the next payout period and are aiming to resolve these payouts this week.

r/BATProject Problems with March Earnings
Link posted by @IanMoone

r/BATProject Did Brave Team suspend reward claiming for Android devices?
Link posted by @Zerosouls

I am a community member too. I have two Brave Rewards wallets impacted by this issue. I am trying to be patient. Nothing else I can do until Brave is allowed to do their jobs and get this fixed.

Can you please submit the information surrounding your issue to our form there so we can take a closer look?

Thank you.

Well you were all right. It came today asked if I wanted to redeem some rewards and it appears correct now. I apologize for my lack of patience. Regardless of the function of the BAT system I do like the browser. I suppose this is the only part that is confusing to me sometimes. I’m all good here. Thanks again and sorry.

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