Issue linking Twitch account

I had previously linked my twitch account to my brave account, but changed my twitch username since. As I didn’t see an obvious option to change the details of the linked account, I deleted the link to my brave rewards and tried to re-add it under the corrected new username. I was confronted with a message that read "Could not authenticate you from RegisterTwitchChannel because “Invalid credentials”

I read a few other posts describing a similar error on here, so I tried to clear my cache and and try again, I did this a few times with no success.

On an unrelated note, I connected my youtube channel but when I goto the actual youtube page it shows the creator as “on Youtube” without any username or verified status.

Thanks for reaching out.
For the Twitch issue, can you try logging out of your Twitch account, then logging back in and then try re-linking your account?

I tried it a number of times. Same error repeatedly. Is it possible that the issue is caused by having deleted the old twitch?

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Hi there! Looks like this is an issue because Twitch started requiring us to pass in a “Client ID” when we try and connect accounts. We’ll have this fixed ASAP :+1:


I know this thread will be closed soon unless I comment. Just wanted to check in to see if there was any progress made with linking twitch accounts. Thanks

Sorry for not posting an update! We deployed this fix a few days after it was first found. You should be able to connect your Twitch account on Creators. If you can’t let us know and we’ll take another look!

Looks like it worked. Thanks.

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