Issue is Amount of Devices

The browser on my PC tells me that I’ve used the maximum amount of devices linked to the rewards. I use Brave on 2 phones and 1 PC. And you can have up to 4 devices in total to use, gather and transfer using Brave Rewards System. I’ve read on here that some cases, someone is only using one device, and still manages to get the same notification I get. Which is why people are having issues verifying their wallet, just like I am.

This is on my phone: When I click the Brave Rewards symbol next to the Address Bar, I click “Verify Wallet”. It sends me to the Uphold page, where I then Authorize it, log in, type in my Authenticator code, and sends me to the Brave Rewards page. I press the Brave Rewards symbol next to the bar again, where the thumbnail above the “Send A Type” is cycling for a few seconds before stopping. After that, nothing happens. Still shows “Verify Wallet” in the top left of the tab. I’ve gone through the process several times with no results.

Seems the issue is revolving around the amount of devices. The system is registering it wrongly, it would seem.


If you reset your PC/Device a couple of times after installing Brave, it will count each reset as a new device.

So, have you reset any of your devices?

I haven’t reset any devices since I originally installed it on them. And the notification claiming Maximum amount of Devices literally started today. I’ve been able to claim before, despite it not transferring to my Uphold account. Went to claim it today, only to tell me that, as well as that infinite loop of trying to verify so I can claim it.

Can you switch off the Lion Icon when you are trying to verify?

It shall end the endless loop.

I just tried turning off Brave Shields and attempting to verify again, but same thing.

Do you use multiple instances of Brave like, Brave Nightly, Brave Beta?

I don’t know, but I doubt it. The only thing I ever messed around with was the Rewards Settings to link everything up when I first installed. Everything else has been whatever version I originally downloaded from the start, and the following standard updates issued by the Devs that have installed since then.

One of the mods has addressed this issue today.

View it over here:

It shall be fixed soon hopefully

Thank you. I don’t mind if it takes them a while longer to fix it, so long as I’m able to transfer what I’ve stacked up, or, at the very least, just the ability to make the transfers again some day. I can always stack it back up if need be.

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Thanks for you patience, lets hope it gets fixed very soon.

i stop allowing adds since I see this. If i cant have any profit, brave neither.

I have the same problem here. Just two devices. There are a lot of months without being able to transfer BAT’s to Uphold, now about three browser automatic updates my wallet was disconnected and I’m no longer able to verify my wallet. Using the latest version so far:
Versão 1.29.79 Chromium: 93.0.4577.63 (Versão oficial) 64 bits

My wallet disconnected from Uphold this month, without re-installing or anything, it simply decided to disconnect. Now when I try to connect it back it says that I’ve reached the maximum amount of devices.

Yes, I received a notification on my phone saying it had automatically disconnected my phone’s Brave Rewards instance from my account after 90 days. It did this once also about 3 months ago, which I think burned the fourth of my four verifications. (The other three being on my old laptop, my new desktop, and the first phone verification.)

It would be really nice to have this fixed. Having a limit of four verifications per Uphold account ever and then having verifications disappear automatically after 90 days…well, there are some obvious problems with that design.

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im having same issue in other thread. Just use Gemini instead i supose

Yup having the exact same issue except that I only verify my uphold only on my laptop and only had verified twice since I reset my pc 2 times. But my wallet is verified until the latest update where decided to disconnect from uphold account and it says my limit is reached. I hope Brave will resolve this issue as quick as possible.

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