Issue closing fullscreen videos in private window

I’ve noticed a small bug in the new browser.

When I’m watching a fullscreen video in a private browser window :wink: , and I close the window using cmd + W (on MacOS), then the frame of the video that was displayed at the time gets locked as my background image. I cannot get rid of it until I fully close all instances of the Brave browser.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Open new private window
  • Go to youtube and open any video
  • Make the video full screen
  • Close the window using cmd + W (may not be an issue on other OSs. but use whatever command closes the active window)
  • Minimise the standard brave window, and the video will be stuck to the desktop (you should be unable to see the desktop).

Anyone else having this issue? Loving the latest release btw :smiley:

It’s not a massive issue, but it could be very embarrassing for someone who doesn’t know about it!
It may also be an issue with MacOS and not the browser.

It’s the latest browser version, on MacOs Mojave.


@KingPrice91, thanks for reaching out! Your report was very informative and entertaining!

Can reproduce (my desktop right now):

Will log this issue in the morning.

Cool, thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:

Here you go!

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