Issue about not supporting my country anymore

Hi, this morning I saw post on brave community about no more support from Uphold in my country, I followed your instructions to disconnect brave from uphold and contact Uphold. This is what I received from them, can u help?

@Marko2504 I would just keep pressing the issue with Uphold support. That looks like a stock reply and that really didn’t answer your question. Let them know you are asking about the BAT that is already in your Uphold account. Ask Uphold support what your options are.

Steeven posted in a different topic that Uphold was sending out emails to affected customers. Did you receive anything from Uphold?

And this post discussed the issue and had some options you might consider.

No I didnt receive email from them, thanks for reply I’ll try again

this is what Uphold support sent

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Glad you received a definitive answer! Although not sure about that statement to reach out to Brave and let them know about their policy to their users. Seems like that’s their job not Brave’s. lol

A link to Upholds actual policy by Uphold would have been nice. I briefly tried looking and couldn’t really find. Seems like they should have something somewhere and probably do, I just couldn’t find it.

You should mark your post as a solution. :smiley:

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