ISP blocking brave ads

It’s been 2 weeks using brave on my laptop and my pc at home and no ads are showing untill I take my laptop for a trip and surpisely when I connected it on a public wifi, ads started to pop. I dont know if it’s for my router configuration or my ISP but at home I dont recive any kind of ads.

your in wrong assmpition why your isp block brave ads ? any technical explanation !!

some time brave reset AD Catlogs like they change ads in your region so its take little time to get your ads …

Because every ISP can filter the traffic. Or maybe is just theyr standard firewall router configutation. In italy last month goes on some laws for the traffic that ISP could contoll and some filters to adult content. Maybe is just that

i do not think it related to isp cause if isp block brave ads then no one would advertise in your country using brave

i see there 13 advertiser in italy right now

just a question does your trip was inside italy or outside ?and if it was inside was are you sure the other location use different isp or not?

in earlier version that thing could be tested by the reward internal but unfortunately they do not log those data anymore

could you help us here @Mattches

have a nice day everyone

Yes I’m in Italy and the ISP is different. I dont know how the ads counter is programmed, if it’s based on the IP of the machine or if it’s linked to the browser it self. But if it’s linked to the ip of the connection there could be a traffic problem.

they use only the ip to detect you country and your region setting in your device and also your interested category and advertiser for example some ads show only if you surfed the interent for certain category like give you some ads about travle if you was checking about travle agent in the internet and so on

Ok thank you. Now I see where the problem is

you welcome :slight_smile:

Now I’m back home and since 3/4 days I dont recive any ads. I really think is my ISP.
Please @steeven help me. Because I majorly use my pcs at home.

just a silly suggestion

since your your laptop is the same and nothing changed from your device point of view

could you check your router if it has firewall or any filter that block the ads

It’s the first thing I checked when I got home, and the firewall was disabled. :pensive:
I think that the problem is my Ip because with the provider I have is multy shared

some router also has content filter not just firewall check it

for my router i have firewall and content filter

the ip used to detect your country only and if you in usa it used to detect the state also

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